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Welcome to Sleeping, our Lake Michigan Rental Cottages' website.
Here you will find detailed information about our Northern Michigan cottages on Lake Michigan. Our two Lake Michigan Cottages are located in Arcadia, Michigan. They are about 30 miles north of Manistee and 10 miles south of Frankfort. A third cottage is the Glen Arbor Cottage - located in, yes, Glen Arbor, Michigan on Lake Isle Avenue, the best street in the best little town in Northern Michigan! We can also point you to "Betsy's Cottage", on the same street in Glen Arbor.

Click on the fish for more information and photos for these Lake Michigan beach cottages. derived its name from the national park - Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. To locate the park, look at the back of your left hand, palm down and fingers extended. This represents our map of Michigan. Your pinky fingernail is the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore park. We could go on at this point to describe Lake Michigan and the Manitou Islands - but that would entail sticking your hand into a bowl of water next to two raisins - so to save time (and conserve food & water), our illustration stops here.

Come explore Northern Michigan.

Cottages in Arcadia and Glen Arbor, MI

The Lake Michigan Beach in Arcadia

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The Arcadia Cottages

Arcadia Lake Front


Arcadia Lake View


Glen Arbor Cottage

Betsy's Cottage


Arcadia is home to the famous Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course, and is near the mysterious Joyfield Road Phenomenon - where your car rolls UP the hill! Funkify at the Trick Dog Cafe in Elberta, dine at the Blue Slipper in Onekama, or sigh on the scenic lookout. You can canoodle in a canoe on the Betsie River or neck at the Cherry Bowl drive-in. Or just loll on the beach. Be sure to check out those "Fun" pages for more Arcadia Daze!

Our Lake Michigan Front Cottage is called - ta-da!- The "Lake Front". The other vacation cottage right across the lane from the Lake Front Cottage is called the "Lake View". (Yeah, we know, pretty clever: ) In realtor-speak BOTH cottages are "lake front" - the second one is that close- but it would be a little hard to differentiate if we called both "The Lake Front Cottage".

The Lake Front cottage sits atop a low bluff (about 10ft high) on the Lake Michigan shore, just enough elevation for a simply spectacular view. The Lake View has a big deck with an also unbelivable vista, so close to Lake Michigan calling it merely "Lake View" does not do it justice. Both cabins share our private steps to the Lake Michigan beach . There is also a second access just down the street. Just to the north is a protected conservancy area, never to be developed.

Each bungalow has three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. The Lake Front is the gray cottage with the double deck. The green Lake View cottage (with the large elevated deck) is on a walk-out basement and includes a full-size washer and dryer. The main bathroom in this cottage has a large shower but no bathtub, vs. the Lake Front which has a bathtub but does not have a laundry.


Our third cottage is the Glen Arbor cottage. It's the A-frame cabin pictured above or on the "Glen Arbor Cottage" page. Also in Glen Arbor, we can direct you to "Betsy's Cottage". Both are located in, of course, the Lake Michigan shore town of Glen Arbor, about thirty minutes north of Arcadia- also famous for the breath-taking Glen Lakes (Big Glen Lake & Little Glen Lake), and the pristine Crystal River. Glen Arbor is also at the epicenter of The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore. It's right around the corner from the "Dune Climb" and Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive.

Location, Location, Location! The Glen Arbor cottage and Betsy's cottage are on a quiet, secluded, unpaved lane right in the village of Glen Arbor - a very cool "Up North" town. It's just a minute's walk down to the Lake Michigan beach or up to the shops - no driving! No gas! And while you can't quite see the lake from the cottage deck, it is visible if you stand in the road (not recommended!). The quiet rustle of the trees making their last stand before the sand is the whispering of that blue, blue water just down the path.
The Glen Arbor cottage has three bedrooms plus a bonus room which can be closed off and used as an additional bedroom, housing up to eight. It also features two bathrooms, central air conditioning and a great wood stove with a.brick surround, like a fireplace. Betsy's cottage has three bedrooms, one bath, a great deck and a fireplace. It is limited to four or five guests, and, sorry, no pets. We now have a web page highlighting our Glen Arbor Cottages. Just go to:


Arcadia Lake Front: $1975/wk summer, sleeps 6 comfortably. This cottage has three bedrooms & 1.5 bathrooms: Bedroom One, upstairs front room, has a queen bed. Bedroom Two upstairs back room has one double bed & one twin-sized bed. Downstairs bedroom has a queen bed. No washer or dryer. Limited to six people and one dog.

Arcadia Lake Front: $1575/wk summer, sleeps 6 comfortably. This cottage has three bedrooms & 1.5 bathrooms: Bedroom One, upstairs front room, has a queen bed and a cot. Bedroom Two, back upstairs room, has one double bed & two twin beds. Downstairs bedroom has a king bed. Main bath has large sit-down shower only (no tub). Has Full sized Washer and Dryer. Large Deck with great, clear, view.
Lake Michigan is directly across our quiet street. Limited to six people and one dog.

Glen Arbor: $1850/wk summer, sleeps 6-8 comfortably. This cottage has three bedrooms plus & two bathrooms: Bedroom One front has a king. Bedroom Two back has a queen bed. Bedroom Three back has two twins. There is also a daybed with trundle on the first floor in the addition, which can be closed off for additional sleeping space. Pet policy: limit one dog.

Betsy's Cottage: $1550/wk summer, limited to 4. This cottage has three bedrooms and one bath: one queen bed upstairs, two twins first floor, and one twin first floor. Small pet may be considered.

We allow ONE dog per rental gratis at the Arcadia and Glen Arbor cottages. We charge an additional $35, per dog, for each additional dog, allowed at our discretion. Pets must be managed and picked up after.

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